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Stuart Lyell

Stuart’s varied work and directorships within the property and construction sector comprise nearly 40 years of industry experience, beginning as an investment manager at Richard Ellis, progressing to lead Allied London’s development programme as managing director of Allied London Development Management Ltd. Stuart’s current role is managing director of Pelham Holdings where he leads investor and main board director responsibilities at the Allied London group of companies.

Stuart has an honours degree in land management from the University of Reading and is a Fellow of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. His roles to date have involved the successful delivery of world-class commercial property development projects and assets in excess of £2bn. He has extensive knowledge of land and property matters, in both residential and commercial sectors and brings a wealth of experience in successfully delivering and sustaining complex multi-use projects.

At a corporate level, Stuart’s particular focus is on creating value through the promotion and development of strategic land assets through Pelham Homes.  Pelham Homes has been an active residential promoter and developer for over 40 years, delivering large scale housing schemes totalling more than 20,000 homes in the South and East of England. The most recent promotion in Norfolk achieved planning consent for 1,200 homes and a further phase for 6,500 homes is underway. 

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