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Straight to the Hop – ShinDigger Brew Co are Growing

Old Granada Studios has been synonymous with culture and creativity since its inception back in the 1950’s. Although nostalgia and heritage are a big part of the legacy here, Old Granada is once again teeming with production – and not just TV crews, but enterprising businesses.


ShinDigger Brewing Co. have taken their home-brewing kits out of their student halls and into the booming craft-beer and micro-brewery market. “Our biggest challenge has been growing the company with such limited resources” says Paul “ShinDigger was born out of a £10k loan by two guys who knew little about commercial brewing. We started right at square one, developing and getting to grips with recipes, processes, computer systems and logistics- our brand and the team has evolved massively since then. 


Despite these challenges, George Grant and Paul Delamere took the risk and put everything into their business. After nine months of grafting from their homes, they choose to explore more sociable surroundings.


“We were working from our sofa at home for the first nine months, which looking back was pretty grim and isolated. When we moved in to the Hello Work co-working space in 2014 (now OGS Works), it made a huge difference. It put us right amongst the Manchester start-up community, offering a fun and comfortable working environment with plenty of opportunities for sharing ideas and collaborating”.


One of their biggest collaborators to date is Reform Radio, also based in Old Granada Studios. “We collaborated with Reform Radio to help curate the music line up for our ShinDigger Sessions Block Party event. RR brought their expertise and contacts in the local music scene to bring together an awesome line up of some of the artists they work with. Both us and Reform were able to give each other exposure to our followers and showcase what we do. Leveraging off each other in a way which leaves everyone happy”.


Brewers are often engrossed and obsessed in little else but the actual beer itself. Paul and George, although acclaimed gypsy-brewers, have their eyes set on creating experiences, not just stocking the locals. “We started our brewery because we believe beer helps people enjoy the moment with their friends. The better the beer, the better the experience”.


Following significant investment in the business, ShinDigger are looking to take their brand to the next level, with more events and the launch of their unique app. “Our mission as a company is to make these moments the best they can be. So for us, the app is a way of getting delicious cold, fresh and refreshing beer to people having bbq’s, watching the football and partying at home”. 


Old Granada Studios is the creativity pool within the new St. John’s neighbourhood; a place where start-ups and small businesses can grow. ShinDigger embody the values of OGS Works in their craftsmanship, innovation and commitment to bringing their vision to life. “The open, creative and collaborative environment of co-working spaces reflects our company approach/philosophies about working. The fact that your sharing the space with other companies also allows employees to socialise and meet new people. All of which we think makes coming to work even more fulfilling”. 


Having hired their first staff and attracted investment from a group of business angels, ShinDigger are brewing up a storm and expanding their business, whilst sticking true to their original aims and ambitions. You can find their beers in kegs, cans and bottles across Manchester and the North West. Enjoy the moment.

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