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St. John’s: Living

St. John’s is the creation of a new city centre neighbourhood in the heart of Manchester, it will be a place for enterprise, culture and living.

Join us as we delver deeper into one of our three key pillars, ‘enterprise’ and explore what it means to us, you and Manchester.  

For the very first time Manchester will have a residential community to really cherish, where work meets play, creativity promotes culture and enterprise drives innovation.

St. John’s will offer the essential elements to support a balance of work and wellbeing. Growth in many forms will be supported – from commercial success and education,
to self-discovery and starting a family.

Home is a sanctuary; a place of comfort, enjoyment, relaxation and practicality. The living spaces at St. John’s will be flexible and dynamic – created to fit everyone’s needs.

Living spaces designed to ensure choice and individuality. Should I buy or should I rent? Shall we choose village living or sky living? The choice is yours; it’s your style of living.

Your amenity and your experience will not differ. Everyone will be part of the St. John’s community. We want the next generation to live, grow and develop in St. John’s.

Throughout narrow streets, intimate squares, sky gardens and a large park set against the backdrop of the River Irwell,

St. John’s will be a hive of interest and activity, a place with real community spirit.

Things to do, places to be, people to see and a place to belong to. 

Cycle to school, walk to work, have a coffee, say hello, learn something new, stroke a dog, feed the ducks, buy some art, pick up a loaf, meet some friends, see a play, feel inspired, book a table, drink a beer.

This will be the perfect place to grow, an inspirational neighbourhood, a unique address in Manchester, a modern and sustainable community for the 21st Century.

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