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St. John’s: Enterprise

St. John’s is the creation of a new city centre neighbourhood in the heart of Manchester, it will be a place for enterprise, culture and living.

Join us as we delver deeper into one of our three key pillars, ‘enterprise’ and explore what it means to us, you and Manchester.  

The vision for St. John’s is focused upon community, innovation and opportunity.

Any culture for successful enterprise requires a set of collaborative platforms, the white heat of new technological practices and a wealth of resource and infrastructure.

St. John’s enterprise principles:

Provide resource and infrastructure for a robust eco-system to establish and flourish.

Carefully curate working adjacencies so that businesses can be clustered and networking is optimised.

Actively encourage a diversity of businesses that thrive in social environments and can contribute to growth.

“Manchester is powering the way forward in innovation and commerce, and along with Leeds and London forms the golden triangle of creativity and technology. St. John’s is being engineered as the essential environment for enterprise.”

Michael Ingall, Chief Executive, Allied London

The butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker will all play their part in the St. John’s adventure.

Shopping and eating here will have a distinctly independent, artisan flavour. Fashion will be quirky, modern, retro. Art will be around every corner. Three hotels will accommodate different tastes, from corporate to contemporary. The entire neighbourhood will be punctuated by the kinds of businesses that prosper in social environments. The kind that will make St. John’s a pocket of prolific growth and economic opportunity.

“Innovation districts have the unique potential to spur productive, inclusive and sustainable economic development. They provide a strong foundation
for the creation and expansion of firms and jobs
by helping companies, entrepreneurs, universities, researchers and investors—across sectors and disciplines—co-invent and co-produce new discoveries for the market.”

Innovation Districts: A New Geography of Innovation in America – Bruce Katz and Julie Wagner

“Creative industries don’t just pop up anywhere, they flourish in cities where people can interact, where they can talk and where they can be together and share a common experience. People want to be part of a community to make, create and prosper. It’s people that provide the genetics of enterprise, no more so, than in Manchester.”

Michael Ingall, Chief Executive, Allied London

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