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St. John’s: Culture

St. John’s is the creation of a new city centre neighbourhood in the heart of Manchester, it will be a place for enterprise, culture and living.

Join us as we delver deeper into one of our three key pillars, ‘culture’ and explore what it means to us, you and Manchester.  


The culture of St. John’s is created through experience. We’re creating the building blocks for a culture that will be a unique experience for Manchester.

Our Principles:

Build upon Manchester’s radical history and reputation for world-class creativity and enterprise.

Generate opportunities for creative learning, growth, engagement and contribution to the wider community through contemporary and emerging arts practices and productive creative partnerships. 

A culture of innovation will be essential to the success of St. John’s and those who come to live, work and play here. This will be a stage for exploration and enriching experiences, supporting emerging talent by creating space for artistic experimentation.

Exhibitions, screenings, workshops, leisure, retail will provide inspiration and opportunity around every corner. St John’s will be a place to grow, learn, develop and transform.

The cultural ecology of St. John’s will evolve out of contemporary art, experiential entertainment, and interactive engagement.

Exciting venues, including The Factory will host the type of cutting-edge, practices that are the lifeblood of the creative industries: graphic design, music production, fashion, photography, print. 

“Art has the power to enrich lives, enhance wellbeing and boost the economy. We want to build a proud new community for Manchester, we want to make a lasting difference, we want to do it in principled ways, we want to involve as many positive voices as we can and we want to do it well.”

Michael Ingall, Chief Executive, Allied London

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