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Rituals & Routines: Secrets of Success in 2017 by XYZ Work

26th January 2017 5.30-7.30pm

What are the rituals & routines of the highly successful? What changes can we make in 2017 to our lifestyles to to give us the best chance of success in both work and leisure?

Join us at XYZ Work’s first event of 2017 on the latest trends and insight, including food and fitness plans, wellness hacks and ground breaking thinking around work/life balance.

Speakers include:

Mark Bohannon, Head of PT, UP Fitness

Martin Robert Hall, Performance Psychologist

Julia Mitchell, Founder and MD, Toast PR

Simon Hall, Body Composition Coaching

James Sidlow, Residential Director @ St. John’s

The event will be hosted by blogger, writer and multi-tasker, Charlie Hooson-Sykes @the_lady_sybil

Charlie Hooson-Sykes is a blogger, writer, fitness enthusiast and academic admin type who wears enough hats to confuse a milliner and would describes herself as ‘busy’. With all these hats, two of the most important things are routine and support – and what better way to learn new ways to keep on track than with a panel of successful people?

Tickets price includes refreshments provided by Bosu Body Bar and an exclusive deal from UP Fitness.

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