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St. John’s

Location: Manchester, UK
GIA: 25 acre / 101,171 sq m
Use: Mixed use neighbourhood

Status: Ongoing
Architect: Various

St. John’s

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St. John’s is the creation of a new city centre neighbourhood in the heart of Manchester, it will be a place for enterprise, culture and living. The site was formerly the location of Granada TV Studios and the creation of St. John’s will re-establish and build on this heritage.

The St. John’s vision is based around three key pillars: enterprise, culture and living. These pillars make up the constituents of the neighbourhood and bring it to life.


The St. John’s enterprise district will embody the principles of innovation, collaboration and evolution, becoming a landmark destination for Manchester and the UK, promoting the values of community to create its own unique identity.


The culture of St. John’s is created through experience. The shared experience of the community that is created around culture, the arts, leisure and entertainment. We’re creating the building blocks for a culture that will be a unique experience for Manchester.


Living is more than just a house, it’s being part of a neighbourhood, part of a community, a lifestyle, a location, choices, amenities, experiences; living is a unique place for you to call home. St. John’s is a new hive of Manchester activity that will raise its international profile and set it apart from its peer cities.