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South Village

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South Village will create a new residential village at the heart of the St. John’s neighbourhood. The community will be made up of a unique collection of small buildings providing an intimate mix of bespoke apartments, shopping, cafés, restaurants and workspaces.

South Village will create a new residential village at the heart of the St. John’s neighbourhood. The community will be made up of a unique collection of small buildings providing an intimate mix of bespoke apartments, shopping, cafés, restaurants and workspaces. South Village is set within a beautiful mews type environment with a combination of public and private spaces, forming an
enviable place to call home. Connected by bridges, the South Village apartments are designed to provide a lifestyle. They carry features that would usually be found in a house rather than an apartment. Expansive living areas, utility rooms, working walls and island kitchens, outside rooms and gardens all combine to create a different type of apartment, a home, a lifestyle, and an investment that suits multigenerational living.

The communal garden terraces and balconies are a bold feature of South Village and a strict management strategy will be adopted to ensure they are properly used and maintained at all times.