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Central Village



Central Village is set over eight storeys and laid out as a series of “fingers”, each linked by bridges and cores at the upper level. In this way, the workspace element retains the ultimate flexibility in being able to be leased as small suites, or combined to form floorplates of 20,000 sq ft. At the ground floor, co-working space and event space provide necessary amenity for the workspace uses, sitting alongside retail and leisure. In 2019 Central Village and Campfield Markets will open some 350,000 sq ft of Technology Media and Telecommunications workspace in all shapes and sizes.

Central Village will house a number of anchor tenants, with Old Granada Studios, the Bonded Warehouse and Campfield Markets providing a wealth of space from start-ups to innovators and manufactures all linking into XYZ Works, which will be established as the home of tech financial innovation, Fintech. The building will be a hybrid of various uses in layered, interconnected blocks to accommodate workspace, studios, retail, leisure and public realm.

Central Village will create a lateral building where corporations can have a proper workspace.The design is based around a collegiate concept to attract around a dozen occupiers to the commercial space and ensure they can collobrate and share ideas with each other.